Executing the mind’s eye!

Every inch of space offers unlimited possibilities to create.
Art is an expression and we believe in using to our client’s advantage

Tru Designs is a premier design company specializing in offering innovative and cutting-edge design solutions in a architecture and interiors. Over the years, we’ve displayed immense superiority in delivering solutions that balance lateral thinking with modern day practically, aesthetic brilliance with cost efficiency and creative freedom with environmental consciousness.It all started with the coming together of a team of young architects and interior designers who saw things with their minds eye, who stood out in the crowd by thinking beyond the ceiling. Sticking to their core principle of – in persistence, in single-mindedness lays growth – they took up the challenge of going against the wind in creating innovative, aesthetic and technically sound design solutions.

Mr. N Praveen Kumar, the Principal Architect and founder of “TRU DESIGNS”, is a man who operates with visionary clarity. His thinking precedes his contemporaries. His mind believes in exploring uncharted terrains. His ability to fill up open spaces with imagination has put him in the list of industry trailblazers. After his Bachelors in Architecture, he amassed a collective experience of more than 16 years’ in Architecture and Interior Design consultancy. He envisioned Tru Designs with the core aim of breaking conventions and in the process gathered a team of multi-talented professionals to sketch a new era in cutting-edge architecture and design. Under his helmsmanship, the Company has progressed from a designing firm to a comprehensive business entity offering a wide spectrum of services including Project Management Services. Today, Tru Designs is a name that carries with it the weight of heavy expectations and reputation.


Ms Sandhya completed her Diploma in Interior Design from New Delhi in 2001. She leads interior design project teams on all phases of design, from Inception to completion, ensuring design and continuity throughout a wide range of projects in the studio. She organizes the efforts of the entire project team while monitoring critical aspects such as design quality, schedule, and budget. She has over 12 years of experience in design and management of various interior projects. She has completed several  interior design projects of varied scale cutting across, luxury homes, hospitals, workspaces and commercial. She is constantly challenging and perfecting specifications of even the smallest aspects of projects, ensuring great Value Engineering at every level that ensures high quality design. Her design approach is rooted in core values of design excellence, innovation and sustainability. She is passionate about sustainable, multidisciplinary, research-based design. She believes as design and devlopment professionals we bear a particular responsibility and have a unique opportunity in each project. Fully understanding these roles ultimately increases a project’s true value regardless of the ever changing and evolving design trends.

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